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Silent Key LY4U / LY2BIL (LY2WR radio klub)
« : 02. Rujan. 2011, 08:24:43 »
Sve 2m fanove će rastužiti vijest da nas je napustio Rytis, LY4U, ex LY2BIL i najaktiviniji op radio kluba LY2WR. Rytis je bio moj 1st LY na 2m, kasnije sam ga mnogo puta radio svim vrstama propagacija: TR, ES, AU, MS, SAT.

Hvala mu za sve lijepe dx veze i sve što je učinio za vhf radioamaterstvo.


Rytis Zumbakis, LY4U (ex UP2BIL, LY2BIL etc)

The most active Lithuanian VHF OP of well known LY2WR club

1957 - 2011

Rytis got interested in Ham Radio in 1973, at the age of 15. Participated in first contest in the same year, since then nearly every contest until 1990s and bit slower after. Mostly as member of Multi OP teams at club stations UK2BBB, R2B, UK2BAS, UK2PAP, UK2PRC, UP1BZZ, UP1BWR, UP4A, UP7A, UP8A, UP9A, LY2WR, LY3MR, LY8X. More notable #1 World and World Record in CQ WW CW 1980 M/S as RG6G, #1 World in CQ WPX CW 1988 M/M as UP4A, several #1 in WAE CW/SSB, numerous top 6 in CQ WW & WPX, numerous #1 finishes in many other contests. More recent #1 World SO (A) 80m in CQ WPX CW 2008. Considers himself an earnest advocate of fair play principles in Ham Radio Contesting. Likely pioneer of real time computer logging and CW keying in LY in 1991 using early version of CT. Likely pioneer of SO2R in LY in 1999, a member of LY2W & IU9T multi teams and LY2WR VHF contest club. Loved VHF DX and contesting as well.

One of the most active VHF operator in LY under LY2WR's club callsign via Meteor Scatter, EME and tropo on 2m - 10 GHz. He was true pioneer of Meteor Scatter on 432 MHz and holder of 70cm MS IARU Region 1 record for 1931km HSCW QSO with UA9FAD achieved during Perseids 1998.

He become silent key on 30th August 2011 in age of 54...

(info de LY3UE)
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