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New Montenegro 4O beacons


13:27:37      9A4QV Adam-JN75BB    (4O/IK7UXW) ok Paolo, good news, nice to have some new becaons south as well, brgds
12:52:53      4O/IK7UXW Paolo    Ciao Adam I'm in Ranko place 4O3A to install a new 23 cm beacon and 2 meter also
12:35:20      9A4QV Adam-JN75BB    (4O/IK7UXW) hello Paolo, on vacation or busines trip?

16:08:23      IK3HHG Frank 23-13-6-3    (4O/IK7UXW) complimenti Paolo ascolto il beacon bravo hi
16:05:24      4O/IK7UXW Paolo    (IK3HHG) 4O3A/B on air!!!

1605    ik3hhg    1296920.0    4O3A/B    559 qsb jn92hj km619


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