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: January Activity Contest, OM3VSZ from KN08LS, 1246m A.S.L.
: om3vsz 17. January. 2008, 02:08:32
Next VHF/UHF contest Club Station OM3VSZ will participate in will be the
"VHF/UHF Operating Activity Contest" on January 20, 2008
from 08:00 - 11:00 UTC from the QRA KN08LS, 1246m A.S.L.

OM3VSZ will be using following CQ and RX frequencies:

2m     CW     144.123   CQ FRQ
2m     SSB    144.234   CQ FRQ
2m     FM     145.575   non-stop RX

70cm   CW     432.123   CQ FRQ
70cm   SSB    432.234   CQ FRQ
70cm   FM     433.575   non-stop RX

23cm   CW     1296.123  iba SKED
23cm   SSB    1296.234  iba SKED
23cm   FM     1297.575  iba SKED

SKED may be arranged before the contest using one of the options:

(1) at "SKED Board"
(2) at
(3) email to
(4) email to
(5) via SKYPE, account name "om3vsz"

During the contest OM3VSZ will monitor DX-Cluster, ON4KST 144/432 Chat and SKYPE

Jozef, ex N1FIC
Jan, OM3WZ