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: 9a6c 19. October. 2012, 16:41:59
Nema dugo da smo se na ovim stranicama radovali njegovoj DXCC diplomi i qsl kartama za iznimne veze na 2m, kad danas stiže i ova tužna vijest...

Posljednji 73 starom drugu Pišti...

 :( :( :(
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: 9a4qv 19. October. 2012, 17:36:34
Kad za nekog kažeš da je pravi radioamater a i više od toga onda je to zasigurno Pišta.
RIP Pišta.

Adam, 9A4QV
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: 9A2VJ 19. October. 2012, 18:37:19
Posljednji pozdrav starom drugu.

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: 9a2sb 19. October. 2012, 21:30:35
Pišta, hvala na svemu što sam od tebe naučio,
Zlatko 9a2sb
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: 9A9Y 19. October. 2012, 21:51:44
Posljednji pozdrav i sućut obitelji od mene i Ine.
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: UR5EAZ 20. October. 2012, 05:57:31
Tužna vijest...

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: 9A9T 20. October. 2012, 12:32:49
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: 9A2LG 20. October. 2012, 13:05:46
Hvala na rezultatima uloženog truda i rada koje si podijelio svim radioamaterima.
Sućut obitelji !

Branko, 9A2LG
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: Z35Z 20. October. 2012, 19:39:50
Pochivaj u miru stari druze.

Z35z Dime
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: yu7tri 20. October. 2012, 22:06:52
Pocivaj u miru SHEFE , hvala ti na svemu onom cemu si me naucio ...
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: AD6IW 21. October. 2012, 19:09:43
I have exact the same memories as John it has - even the highspeed
meteorscatter portabel activity of Pista.
We did exchange letters regular in the early 90's and a lot of emails later
- in german language mostly.
And we talked about antenna designs a few weeks ago.
Last words of Pista at the logger at october 9th where "Stoped CQ on .135

Now the "QRT" is forever.

Pista YU7EW / YT3I  you will be missed !      R.I.P.

My condolences to the family.

73 Steffen - DD0VF

2012/10/20 <>

> It is with deep regret I read the sad news anther fellow HAM has left us.
> I knew Pista YU7EW later YT3I almost 17 years now as a very dedicated and
> keen VHF operator worked him a dozen times in Es, MS, Aurora and EME
> First QSO dates back 1995 and the last one July 2012 in Aurora !  Pista was
> one of the first YU stations I worked in High speed Meteor-scatter. Very
> accurate in reports, we exchanged QSL's direct and enclosed were always
> reports with exact decodes he received written with his typewriter.  In
> those years he also went out several times for one day /p operations. A
> friend of him was a truck-driver and in the morning he picked up Pista with
> all his gear, dropped him at a certain square, and later in the day he
> picked him up again. This was heavy of coarse and if I remember well he
> suffered in those days already from health problems. I will treasure the
> memories I have and send my deepest sympathy and condolences to his family
> Pista my friend, rest in peace,
> Your signals will be missed on the air
> John PA5MS
//sa moon-net-a

                                                         73 OC Pista,

Goran ad6iw